The Carians Overseas - Egypt • Iran • Israel

The Carians Overseas - Egypt • Iran • Israel

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THE CARIANS OVERSEAS is a documentary project, which follows the traces and documents the remains of the Carians, who, starting from the 10th BC, have worked in Egypt, Iran and Israel either as mercenaries or stonemasons.

Being among the first settlers of the region of Southwest Anatolia, the Carians raised the world’s first women admirals Artemisia I and Artemisia II, bequeathed us the Maussolleion, the monumental tomb of King Mausolus, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, offered the word "mausoleum” to world literature and preserved their culture and traditions for thousands of years. Based on the geographical features of their land, they lived either on the mainland, the islands or in locations overseas. They were known as good soldiers, fearless sailors and pirates with advanced warrior skills. Ancient Egyptian sources describe the Carians, who went to Egypt to work, as "men of bronze coming from the sea”. According to Herodotus of Halicarnassus, the Carians had created the tradition of fixing a handle to a shield, fastening a crest and a tassel on the helmet and adorning and painting the shield. In ancient Persian sources, the Carians are referred to as people serving in the Persian army and navy, who were, besides their warrior character, skilled stonemasons, artisans, craftsmen and qualified in handling heavy goods. Being one of the most interesting civilizations of Anatolia, the Carians have proved their existence in the countries they have been, by inscribing their initials on stones in the Carian language and thus leaving important information regarding the places where they have lived, camped as well as their expedition routes.

Following the traces of the Carians in Egypt, Iran and Israel and documenting their remains in museums and archaeological sites despite great difficulty, THE CARIANS OVERSEAS is an important source, for both the information it contributes to Carian archaeology and the research stories in its content.

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